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Freemasonry & Charity
Joe Ellis (as pictured above) is a senior Freemason and was installed as Master of Sharpers Hall Lodge No.9196 (his mother lodge) in January 2013. He was appointed Secretary to the Millennium Lodge of Charity in East Kent No.9730 two years before becoming a Worshipful Brother.

During his year as Master of Sharpers Hall Lodge, Joe and his wife, Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis raised over £5,500 for a local disability support charity SNAAP; they have been heavily involved in raising money for and working with local, national and international charities before and since this period.

Charity has been embedded in Joe's heart since childhood, when he won the annual trophy for the most charity money raised for three consecutive years in the Boys Brigade (as pictured below) in the late 1960s, and could be found helping his neighbours with shopping and other errands.

He is currently active within Freemasonry and is well regarded and highly respected.

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Ist Year Charity Trophy Winner
2nd Year Charity Trophy Winner
3rd Year Charity Trophy Winner
Under National Boys Brigade rules, members are allowed to permanently keep their charity trophy if the child has won the trophy three times in a row. Joe did just that, and to this day, Joe still has the trophy as a reminder of his charity work, starting from a young age.
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