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Being Nice and Kind
Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?
Dalai Lama
Buddist Monk
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive"
1935 - present
Joe Ellis
Eccentric Englishman
"Isn't It Nice...Being Nice? I created this quotation many years ago, which forms the basis of my human existence"
1960 - present
William Wordsworth
English Poet
"The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and of love"
1770 - 1850

What's New? - 09 November 2017

Inspired by a post in the Herne Bay Chatter Group (Random Acts of Kindness Day in Herne Bay); I headed for Herne Bay town centre, early to bank and early for lunch.

A local lady sitting next to me known locally as Babs, had finished her meal (Mortimer's restaurant) but wanted the waitress to walk her to the bus stop outside at the local library due to the fear of the main road. Obviously, the waitress couldn't do this as she was working. So, I offered to take her once I had finished my meal. I offered her dessert. She wanted ice-cream. I had paid for this and her soda-water and then walked her to the bus stop (holding hands), and waited until the bus for 'triangle' arrived, made sure she got on the bus safely, and I then headed home.

Rare for me to wear my Isn't It Nice…Being Nice cap locally, but the post in the Herne Bay Chatter Group gave me today's 'kindness lift'.

Photo shows me (Joe Ellis) and Babs walking down Mortimer Street, Herne Bay
Previous News Items
Previous News Item: 18 September 2017:
My today's Random Act of Kindness is directed at two Herne Bay surgeries, headed by Dr Carter; namely The Park Road Surgery and their sister surgery; Herne & Broomfield Surgery.

Dr Carter and all members his staff, provide an excellent service to patients. I have been particularly grateful for their professionalism and dedication shown to me since I moved into Bullockstone in October 2000.

I have today treated both surgeries to a tray of Ferrero Rocher. I attached a short note with a kindness card attached to it.

A small act of kindness and niceness goes a long way. People complain, but not often praise.

Caring is Sharing and Sharing is Caring.


Previous News Item: 07 September 2017:

An upset parent in Herne Bay posted an item on a Facebook Group on the evening of the 06 September 2017 to inform the Group (Herne Bay Chatter) that her son is devastated. He had saved up to buy a set of team football boots. Not cheap, but he brought them and then somebody stole them from his parents porch.

So I suggested the parents go and buy another pair and give me the bill. But then, another Facebook group member sent me a PayPal payment and made a contribution towards the cost. This person, Neenah Lou, showed great human kindness. I sent the full payment to the parent, via PayPal, added a little extra for her to enjoy a pot of tea and a scone/cake, and she was delighted.

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