Being Nice and Kind is the Name of the Game..!
Official Kindness Card - Updated 2017
Spreading the word; being nice and kind
Front and back of the kindness cards that are available for free via this website. just make contact...!
Joe Ellis encourages all those that do good deeds to hand the above card to the person being helped. This will help spread the Isn't It Nice...Being Nice? Campaign and may encourage others to do the same, making the world a better place to live in...

Send an email to Joe Ellis via if you would like some cards to be sent to you; no charge...!

Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?

Attended the first appointment of the Day recently at 7.15am for a blood test at the Queen Victoira Hospital Herne Bay. The nurse, Sally, was such a nice and very pleasant person. She really is a credit to the nursing staff and the hospital. As a treat, I gave her a gift and a card (as pictured below). I told her that the gift shows that we, as patients, thank her as a nurse for the excellent work that she and her colleagues provide to patients. We do appreciate their work. She was very appreciative of the gift.
Kindess card being used alongside a gift
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